Is this photograph dangerous?

The rise of mobile devices as a means for patients to share personal health information with their providers has generated an explosion in the amount of digital media — specifically images and video — that are being sent and managed via…(ahem)…let’s just say slightly less than HIPAA compliant means. If you are a health care…

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Have You Checked Your Passwords?

Think your passwords are safe? Think again. I recently received an unusually provocative email, sent from an old friend, brilliant software engineer and seasoned international expert in data security and the art of not being found online: “Hi Freddy, look at the attachment [see screen grab], take care of your passwords, change them periodically, and…

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Healthcare Data Security: Facts and Figures

healthcare data security

In my last article, “Practical Data Security for Medical Professionals”, I discussed some of the most common ways that medical practices can deter others from gaining access to their networks and the highly valued PHI that they contain. In short, improving the strength of passwords and eliminating password sharing (still among the largest problems we…

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Practical Data Security for Medical Professionals

data security advice medical professionals royalty hacking hackers phi

As the number of stories about data security breaches in the medical field increase, providers and their colleagues – particularly those in smaller medical practices without the dedicated support of IT and data security professionals – must regularly review and update their policies and procedures to ensure that their patients’ data is secure. Just last…

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