Allscripts Developer Program Partner Epitomyze Inc. selected as App of the Month

Allows capture and accurate reproduction of clinical photographs

Pound Ridge, New York (November 11, 2016) – Epitomyze Inc. announced today that Allscripts® has selected the Epitomyze Capture™ application as its App of the Month for November 2016.

The Epitomyze Capture™ app helps Allscripts users capture and accurately reproduce clinical photographs over time, providing before and after comparisons of clinical results. Through integration with Allscripts Open platform, the Epitomyze Capture™ app decreases staff time and expense by eliminating the time consuming, error prone and often insecure methods used to manually upload and file a patient’s clinical photographs into the EHR.

“We are very pleased to be a certified Allscripts Developer Partner, and to have the opportunity to help Allscripts clients document, standardize and analyze their clinical photographs,” said Freddy Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Epitomyze Inc. “As the market transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care, a critical piece of this new care model is measurement. How can we know what works unless we obtain consistent, reproducible data to document results and track them over time? The mission of Epitomyze is to revolutionize the role of clinical photography and through it, add value to the longitudinal patient record”.

Key features of the epitomyze™ capture app include:

  • capturing images at the same distance and orientation as previous photographs, providing a powerful means to improve patient and provider communication
  • improving workflow and collaboration through relevant features developed in conjunction with experienced clinical photographers
  • increasing patient satisfaction and enhancing the providers’ ability to deliver quality care
  • enabling users to securely store, search and share images with other providers, payers and patients though its HIPAA-compliant epitomyze™ image management platform, ImageStore®

“epitomyze™ capture delivers a huge clinical benefit for patient wound evaluation. Its well thought-out picture system is something we see improving our patient outcomes as they see many different medical providers with return visits. The ability to have it on a handheld device and know that the image is immediately HIPAA protected and stored off site is a huge relief!” – Brad Wiggins, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager, University of Utah Healthcare, Burn Unit

The award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) enables third parties to build integrations quickly that enhance Allscripts electronic health record (EHR), financial and population health solutions. The Allscripts Open platform facilitates bi-directional application programming interfaces (APIs) that are transforming healthcare delivery exchanging about 1 billion pieces of data every year.
Find more information about epitomyze™ on the Allscripts Application Store and register for a webinar on November 30. Health IT developers can create a free Allscripts Developer Portal account to access the Allscripts Open APIs and start building or connecting new innovations for Allscripts users.

About Epitomyze™ Inc.

Epitomyze™ Inc. is a team of healthcare and medical imaging experts devoted to revolutionizing the role of clinical photography in medicine. Our three solutions, epitomyze™ capture app, Profect® clinical photography systems, and ImageStore® cloud-based image management and storage, cover the full spectrum of clinical photography. Paired with our helpful resources and industry-leading staff, our solutions increase patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction and productivity, and drive costs down while helping to grow reputation and practice.

Questions concerning this release should be directed to John Duer at (203) 969-5230.

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