Epitomyze Cloud™

Epitomyze™ Cloud

A comprehensive digital-asset management platform providing secure, HIPAA-compliant tools for acquiring, uploading, storing and managing medical images and related data.

Epitomyze clinical photography solutions

Epitomyze™ Capture app

Capture, standardize and manage clinical photography to support clinical decisions. Document and track clinical results anywhere from our mobile app. Epitomyze Capture  

Epitomyze Capture™ Allscripts App of the month

Epitomyze™ Capture app

Allscripts® selected Epitomyze™ Capture app as its featured app of the month under its Allscripts® Developer Program

The future of clinical photography

            The future of clinical photography

document. standardize. analyze.

End-to-end clinical photography solutions. Our team can help you take your clinical photography to the next level for your practice and your patients. 

Epitomyze™ Cloud Solution Set


The Epitomyze Cloud is a comprehensive digital-asset management platform that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant tools for acquiring, uploading, storing and managing medical images and related data. There is no limit to the amount of data you can store with an Epitomyze Cloud subscription. Our base price (which reduces with volume) includes UNLIMITED storage, FREE training and our FREE mobile photo capture application. For those that want a HIPAA-compliant method for taking pictures with a high-resolution DSLR camera*, we offer our tethered-capture software, Ultra-III, FREE with your subscription, or paid as a stand-alone solution. Click here to see our pricing. * contact us for details on available DSLR models


The Epitomyze Capture app enables you and your team to capture, standardize and manage clinical photographs to track patient progress and support clinical decision making, securely and from anywhere, on a mobile device. The state-of-the-art capture app is FREE and can be loaded onto as many devices as you want with your subscription to the Epitomyze Cloud.

The Profect® Photography System

Profect clinical photography systems provide specialized lighting and software tools for the identification and visualization of skin pigmentation, texture and laxity, among other conditions. Profect systems can be purchased as stand-alone equipment and software or as part of an Epitomyze Cloud subscription. Click here to see our Epitomyze Cloud pricing.

Epitomyze Inc. is a team of healthcare and medical imaging experts devoted to revolutionizing the role of clinical photography in medicine. Our premier service is Epitomyze Cloud, a state-of-the-art cloud-based, digital-asset storage and management solution for image data. The service can be accessed through secure credentials from any device, and can be paired with our sophisticated Epitomyze Capture app. Our three solutions, Epitomyze Capture app, Profect® clinical photography systems, and Epitomyze Cloud cover the full spectrum of medical photography. Paired with our helpful resources and industry-leading staff, our solutions increase patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction and productivity, and drive costs down while helping to grow your reputation and practice.

Clinical photography, end-to-end solutions

Epitomyze is driving the evolution of the field of clinical photography with the development of a full line of solutions covering virtually every aspect of medical photography. We developed powerful mobile and cloud technologies to streamline the process of capturing, cataloging and managing medical photos.  Our in-office photography equipment paired with our expert support is second to none.  Epitomyze is the industry standard spanning photographic equipment and hardware, mobile and cloud-based image management, documentation and storage.

HIPAA-compliant, secure and EHR integrated

Epitomyze Capture™ App for Clinical Photography

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