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State-of-the-art cloud-based image management with intuitive features and easy, HIPAA-compliant access

Stop wasting time managing clinical images

Epitomyze Cloud™ cloud-based HIPAA-compliant image service delivers fast powerful access

Epitomyze clinical photography solutions

Better collaboration, patient care and communication

Powerful clinical imaging tools enable better patient care and outcomes

Epitomyze Cloud™

Comprehensive digital-asset management solution
for clinical photography

Manage, enhance and simplify
clinical photography

The Epitomyze Cloud™ is designed specifically to help medical practices better manage their patient photographs and associated data. The HIPAA-compliant, Internet-based service transforms the time-consuming, expensive image management exercise into an easy, cost-effective process.

the leading platform for
in dedicated image storage
more than
clinical users
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patient engagements

Image Management
in the Cloud

  • Epitomyze Cloud™'s powerful cloud-based storage and management solution enables secure, HIPAA-compliant access to all forms of digital photography, from virtually anywhere, at any time

Powerful Features Developed with Our Clients

  • With Epitomyze Cloud™, photos can be easily cataloged, compared and integrated directly into the EHR through relevant, intuitive functionality developed with our clinical users

Designed for Collaboration and Communication

  • Epitomyze Cloud™ helps doctors and other health care professionals collaborate on patient care, communicate with each other and with patients easily and effectively, improving patience outcomes

"Now referral photos are shared by other doctors in my department making my practice more efficient."

- Dr. Victor Neel, Director Dermatology Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Including digital photos as part of our patient files is a valuable diagnostic and marketing tool for building our practice."

- Dr. Robert Weiss, Director, Massachusetts General Hospital

"The virtually unlimited storage space and powerful search capability allows our office to be fast and efficient."

- Dr. Brian S. Biesman, Director, Nashville Center for Laser & Facial Surgery

"I can access photos, zoom in on trouble spots, compare before and after photos, and keep my records confidential - all while sitting with a patient."

- Dr. David Berman, Director, Berman Skin Institute, Palo Alto California

"I now have 24/7 access to patient images wherever I need them."

- Dr. Ashish Bhatia, MD Director, River North Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Naperville, Illinois

Ready to get started?

Whether you have one treatment room or 10, a dedicated room for consultation and photography or several, consistent overhead lighting, open windows with lots of sunlight or low-level spa lighting, we can help you select the right tools to improve the quality and accuracy of your clinical photographs.