Profect® StudioPro™ System for Face and Neck


Profect® StudioPro™ Clinical Photography System is a full solution for medical photography of the face and neck.

The system includes:

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Patient positioning stand
  • Lighting
  • Ultra III Image software


Profect® StudioPro™ Clinical Photography System


18 Megapixel Canon digital SLR camera for its ultra sharp image quality, ease of use, excellent zoom and macro capability, Image Stabilization, Perfect Shot Preview function and more.


With its small footprint (18”x22”) and unique, height-adjustable chin rest, the StudioPro lets you take spectacular photographs of the face and neck.


Profect’s professional twin flash lighting provides significantly better image quality than single, on-camera flashes, and includes both Visible Light and Polarized lighting to capture contour, texture and laxity, as well as melanin and vascular conditions.

* Pricing does not include $795.00 annual license fee, waived with annual subscription to the Epitomyze Cloud.