Epitomyze Capture™ App is an Allscripts Certified Application

Epitomyze™ Capture App, an Allscripts Certified Application

We are pleased to announce that Epitomyze Inc., has become a certified Allscripts® Developer Partner, and that the Epitomyze Capture™ application is now an Allscripts Developer Program certified application.  The Epitomyze Capture™ app is the first and only clinical photography and photo documentation application certified for Allscripts® TouchWorks® EHR.

Eliminate the inaccurate, time-consuming and error-prone process of capturing images with handheld digital cameras and manually uploading them into the EHR.

The Epitomyze Capture™ app:

  • operates on compatible mobile platforms, such as the iPad, and can be easily integrated with major EHRs,
  • reliably captures, standardizes and manages images to support clinical decisions and to document and track clinical results,
  • creates reproducible, perspective-perfect before and after image comparisons,
  • securely uploads images to our HIPAA-compliant storage platform, ImageStore®, where images can be tagged, searched, and securely shared with other providers and/or patients.

Uses include, but are not limited to: dermatology, plastic surgery, burn care, wound care and vein therapy.

See the difference for yourself!

For more information about the Epitomyze Capture™ application and its capabilities, please visit us at www.epitomyze.com or at the Allscripts Application Store.